Entrepreneurship in conventions, place-making, and spaces of creativity

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Continuing the analysis of seven cases (in Hanover) started in Chapter 1, this chapter discusses their potential affective and effective impact on social transformation for sustainability, in terms of “entrepreneurship in conventions” and in relation to emplaced and place-making practices. The chapter then comes to the central question of creativity in the cases under focus, both in terms of individual creativity and in terms of collective creativity (and when both are integrated, in terms of social creativity), looking into the conditions that allow creativity to thrive and be shared participatorily – or instead let it wither away…
TitelCulture and Sustainable Development in the City : Urban Spaces of Possibilities
HerausgeberSacha Kagan
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VerlagTaylor and Francis Inc.
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 05.08.2022