Distributable Modular Software Framework for Manufacturing Systems

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Modern production processes have a high demand on reliability, automation and accuracy in order to avoid defects during the manufacturing process. Each production differs in its demands, with which can be dealt by using intelligent decision making software. In current production systems for each evaluation of a vital process parameter a different software system is used. A modular software framework was developed which can be easily adapted to different production processes and different sensor inputs. It also supports an easy nearly “plug&play” integration of new processing algorithms. Thus making it possible to deal with multiple evaluation within one process and throughout different machines and processes using one common software framework architecture. The software consists of different basic modules connected via the framework and a common data structure. The modules can be customized using a simple configuration file. The framework connects the main modules data acquisition, data preparation, processing algorithms, decision making, a database and the controller integration. All of the modules are optional and can be adjusted with the configuration file. By using a common data structure and communication protocol it is also possible to distribute the modules over different PCs and machines as long as they are connected by a network. This features are creating a software framework able to be adapted easily to different use cases within one production process and also different production processes. This software was successfully integrated into production environments within a European project realizing an in-process real time control of the machine to minimize defects
TitelProcedia CIRP : Research and Innovation in Manufacturing: Key Enabling Technologies for the Factories of the Future - Proceedings of the 48th CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems
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VerlagElsevier Scientific Publishing
PublikationsstatusErschienen - 01.01.2016
Veranstaltung48th CIRP Conference on MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS 2015: Research and Innovation in Manufacturing: Key Enabling Technologies for the Factories of the Future - Ischia, Italien
Dauer: 24.06.201526.06.2015
Konferenznummer: 48

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