Design of a Master of Science Sustainable Chemistry

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Chemistry is the central science for value creation by physical products in the socio-economic system. Unsustainable processes over many decades have led to pressure on the planet and an urgent need for prioritizing sustainable development on a global level. Due to the central role of chemistry, the chemistry profession is an important stakeholder group to shape the transformation towards sustainable development. In order to provide relevant skills, higher education in chemistry requires a view of chemistry in the context of the framework of sustainability and the uptake of new content that is not covered in conventional teaching of chemistry. Such content includes environmental chemistry and toxicology, benign design of chemicals (teaching of chemistry), but also a broader context such as alternative business models and overarching knowledge of international policies and strategies to implement change with respect to chemical industry, chemical products and business (teaching about chemistry) in favor of sustainable development. In this paper, we describe a first of its kind program following this approach: An M.Sc. Sustainable Chemistry. It addresses the above mentioned topics and aims for international professionals of the chemical sector.

ZeitschriftSustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 01.09.2020