Analyse der Gründungsförderung in Österreich

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Data for this IPREG project was collected in Sweden, Poland, Flanders and Austria. Due to differences in institutional settings the data collection could not be organized homogeneously throughout the four participating countries, but was adjusted to the pa rticularities of the respective context. In Austria we contacted the relevant institutions and collected the data directly from those experts within the funding institutions who are in charge of allocating the
funds to the (potential) entrepreneurs. As the geographical scope and the time period considered vary between the participating countries, we also provide estimates to make data comparable between the countries and thus allow for international comparison.
For validating our findings and capturing the effectiveness of entrepreneurship policy in Austria we also initiated a structured web-based discourse on the findings presented in this report among over 200 researchers, experts from the funding institutions, policy makers and entrepreneurs. The results of this consultation will provide rich insights regarding the background of Austrian entrepreneurship policy.
Titel in ÜbersetzungUnderstanding Entrepreneurship Policy in Austria
VerlagWirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Institut für KMU-Management
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 2012
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