The Dark Side of Mindfulness - Why Mindfulness Interventions Are Not Benefical for Everyone

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Kathrin Rosing - Präsentator*in

This experimental study (N = 57) tested the effects of a mindfulness induction (i.e., mindfully eating a raisin) on the susceptibility to expert recommendations of extrinsic goals. Susceptibility was operationalized as the tendency to misperceive recommended extrinsic goals as self-selected. Results indicated that individuals who have trouble knowing their own preferences (i.e., low access to their self-system) are likely to be invaded by expert recommendations of extrinsic goals after a mindfulness induction. These results show that a mindfulness intervention might be harmful for some people – i.e., with low self-access – and is not as universally beneficial as prior studies suggest.



XXIX International Congress of Psychology - ICP 2008


Berlin, Deutschland

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