Seeing Eye to Eye: The Role of Perceptual Congruence Between Leaders and Older Employees Regarding Age-Friendly Organizational Practices for Older Employees’ Well-Being

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Julia Finsel - Präsentator*in

Laura Venz - Ko-Autor*in

Anne Marit Wöhrmann - Ko-Autor*in

Max Reinhard Wilckens - Ko-Autor*in

Jürgen Deller - Ko-Autor*in

In times of demographic change and aging workforces, organizational strategies on how to retain and improve older employees’ well-being become increasingly important. Research so far has tended to focus on older employees’ perceptions of age-friendly organizational practices. We extend this research by also considering other organizational stakeholders’ perceptions. Prior research suggests that leaders’ perceptions, in particular the similarity of perceptions held by employees and leaders (i.e., perceptual congruence), are related to employee work outcomes like their job satisfaction and performance. In our study, we applied the concept of leader-employee perceptual (in)congruence to the context of aging workforces and assessed whether leader-employee perceptual (in)congruence on age-friendly organizational practices regarding organizational climate, management, and work design plays a role for older employees’ well-being.


21. European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology Congress 2023: The Future is Now: the changing world of work


Kattowitz, Polen

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