Theoretical Reflections on Education for Sustainable Development and Digital Technologies

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In this chapter the author discusses the relationship between digitalization and education from the perspective of the concept of education for sustainable development. The aim is to counter a development that sees digitalization as a natural phenomenon or as inevitable technological “progress” to which education must respond. The starting point of the discussion cannot be the many possible applications of digital technologies and the question of how they can best support current educational practice, but instead an understanding of education that needs to be made explicit along with the educational goals associated with it. The international as well as national education policy benchmark for an education that prepares us to meet the challenges of the future is the concept of education for sustainable development. In this chapter is it shown, based on this concept of education, both the potential and the limitations of the use of digital technologies for the design of educational processes.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationDigitalization, New Media, and Education for Sustainable Development
EditorsLars Keller, Gerd Michelsen, Martin Dür, Symsuil Bachri, Michaela Zint
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Publication date17.04.2023
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