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  1. 2021
  2. Published

    Revealing joining mechanism in refill friction stir spot welding of AZ31 magnesium alloy to galvanized DP600 steel

    Fu, B., Shen, J., Suhuddin, U. F. H. R., Pereira, A. A. C., Maawad, E., dos Santos, J. F., Klusemann, B. & Rethmeier, M., 01.11.2021, In : Materials and Design. 209, 18 p., 109997.

    Research output: Journal contributionsJournal articlesResearchpeer-review

  3. The Fall and Rise of Market Power in Europe

    Weche, J. P. & Wambach, A., 01.11.2021, In : Jahrbucher fur Nationalokonomie und Statistik. 241, 5-6, p. 555-575 21 p.

    Research output: Journal contributionsJournal articlesResearchpeer-review

  4. Published

    What teachers and parents can add to personality ratings of children: Unique associations with academic performance in elementary school

    Brandt, N. D., Becker, M., Tetzner, J., Brunner, M. & Kuhl, P., 01.11.2021, In : European Journal of Personality. 35, 6, p. 814-832 19 p.

    Research output: Journal contributionsJournal articlesResearchpeer-review

  5. Published

    Acidification effects on in situ ammonia emissions and cereal yields depending on slurry type and application method

    Wagner, C., Nyord, T., Vestergaard, A. V., Hafner, S. D. & Pacholski, A. S., 11.2021, In : Agriculture (Switzerland). 11, 11, 20 p., 1053.

    Research output: Journal contributionsJournal articlesResearchpeer-review

  6. Published

    Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and goethite promote carbon sequestration via hyphal-aggregate mineral interactions

    Jeewani, P. H., Luo, Y., Yu, G., Fu, Y., He, X., Van Zwieten, L., Liang, C., Kumar, A., He, Y., Kuzyakov, Y., Qin, H., Guggenberger, G. & Xu, J., 11.2021, In : Soil Biology and Biochemistry. 162, 108417.

    Research output: Journal contributionsJournal articlesResearchpeer-review

  7. Published

    A systematic global stocktake of evidence on human adaptation to climate change

    Berrang-Ford, L., Siders, A. R., Lesnikowski, A., Fischer, A. P., Callaghan, M. W., Haddaway, N. R., Mach, K. J., Araos, M., Shah, M. A. R., Wannewitz, M., Doshi, D., Leiter, T., Matavel, C., Musah-Surugu, J. I., Wong-Parodi, G., Antwi-Agyei, P., Ajibade, I., Chauhan, N., Kakenmaster, W., Grady, C., Chalastani, V. I., Jagannathan, K., Galappaththi, E. K., Sitati, A., Scarpa, G., Totin, E., Davis, K., Hamilton, N. C., Kirchhoff, C. J., Kumar, P., Pentz, B., Simpson, N. P., Theokritoff, E., Deryng, D., Reckien, D., Zavaleta-Cortijo, C., Ulibarri, N., Segnon, A. C., Khavhagali, V., Shang, Y., Zvobgo, L., Zommers, Z., Xu, J., Williams, P. A., Canosa, I. V., van Maanen, N., van Bavel, B., van Aalst, M., Turek-Hankins, L. L., Trivedi, H., Trisos, C. H., Thomas, A., Thakur, S., Templeman, S., Stringer, L. C., Sotnik, G., Sjostrom, K. D., Singh, C., Siña, M. Z., Shukla, R., Sardans, J., Salubi, E. A., Safaee Chalkasra, L. S., Ruiz-Díaz, R., Richards, C., Pokharel, P., Petzold, J., Penuelas, J., Pelaez Avila, J., Murillo, J. B. P., Ouni, S., Niemann, J., Nielsen, M., New, M., Nayna Schwerdtle, P., Nagle Alverio, G., Mullin, C. A., Mullenite, J., Mosurska, A., Morecroft, M. D., Minx, J. C., Maskell, G., Nunbogu, A. M., Magnan, A. K., Lwasa, S., Lukas-Sithole, M., Lissner, T., Lilford, O., Koller, S. F., Jurjonas, M., Joe, E. T., Huynh, L. T. M., Hill, A., Hernandez, R. R., Hegde, G., Hawxwell, T., Harper, S., Harden, A., Haasnoot, M., Gilmore, E. A., Gichuki, L., Gatt, A., Garschagen, M., Ford, J. D., Forbes, A., Farrell, A. D., Enquist, C. A. F., Elliott, S., Duncan, E., Coughlan de Perez, E., Coggins, S., Chen, T., Campbell, D., Browne, K. E., Bowen, K. J., Biesbroek, R., Bhatt, I. D., Bezner Kerr, R., Barr, S. L., Baker, E., Austin, S. E., Arotoma-Rojas, I., Anderson, C., Ajaz, W., Agrawal, T. & Abu, T. Z., 11.2021, In : Nature Climate Change. 11, 11, p. 989-1000 12 p.

    Research output: Journal contributionsJournal articlesResearchpeer-review

  8. Published

    Conceptualizing Role Development in Agile Transformations: Deriving Design Goals and Principles for Agile Roles

    Lueg, R. & Drews, P., 11.2021, Innovation Through Information Systems - Volume II: A Collection of Latest Research on Technology Issues. Ahlemann, F., Schütte, R. & Stieglitz, S. (eds.). Cham: Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, p. 531-547 17 p. (Lecture Notes in Information Systems and Organisation; vol. 47).

    Research output: Contributions to collected editions/worksArticle in conference proceedingsResearchpeer-review

  9. Published

    Corporate Volunteering - der Mensch im Mittelpunkt?

    Fischer-Schöneborn, S., 11.2021, In : Kölner Zeitschrift für Wirtschaft und Pädagogik. 36, 70, p. 83-86 4 p.

    Research output: Journal contributionsJournal articlesTransferpeer-review

  10. Creativity in Spaces of Possibilities for Sustainable Urban Development: An Empirical Study of Four Cultural Initiatives in Hanover, Germany

    Kagan, S., 11.2021, In : World Futures. 77, 7, p. 481-507 27 p.

    Research output: Journal contributionsJournal articlesResearchpeer-review

  11. Published

    Cultivation of the heterotrophic microalga Galdieria sulphuraria on food waste: A Life Cycle Assessment

    Thielemann, A. K., Smetana, S. & Pleissner, D., 11.2021, In : Bioresource Technology. 340, 7 p., 125637.

    Research output: Journal contributionsJournal articlesResearchpeer-review

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