„Protonen bei chemischen Reaktionen?“ – didaktische Rekonstruktion des Säure-Base-Konzepts nach Brønsted für die Sekundarstufe II

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As reaction type central to chemistry both from a historical and scientific point of view, acid-base reactions represent an important component of chemistry education research. Students pick up numerous conceptions about the topic from their everyday lives, which often contradict the scientifically appropriate concepts. At the same time, however, the historical development of diverse and contradictory acid-base concepts and their context-dependence are relevant in chemistry education. This multitude of different acid-base concepts, in combination with students′ alternative conceptions, makes it difficult to teach the subject in a consistent and compatible way. To meet this challenge, acid-base reactions are adapted for upper secondary school based on the Model of Educational Reconstruction in order to provide a didactic structuring that is comprehensible to the learners and compatible to other types of reactions (e.g. redox reactions, organic reaction mechanisms).
Translated title of the contribution"Protons as the main drivers of a chemical reaction?" - educational eeconstruction of the Bronsted-Lowry acid-base concept for upper secondary school
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Issue number8
Pages (from-to)334-340
Number of pages7
Publication statusPublished - 12.2023