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The invention relates to a filter device (1) having a filter layer (2) extending along two main extension directions, comprising electrically non-conductive filter material (3). A fluid can flow through the filter material (3) transversely to the two main extension directions in order to filter substances out of the fluid. A microwave resonator (5) is formed using electrically conductive, surface-running conductor material (4) linearly spanned along one of the two main extension directions. The conductor material (4) delimits a part of the filter layer (2) made of the filter material (3), which extends in the form of a strip in the surface spanned by the two main extension directions, at least on the broad side. An electromagnetic connection (9, 10) is provided for exciting a microwave in the microwave resonator (5) and for detecting the excited microwave in the microwave resonator (5).
Translated title of the contributionFILTER DEVICE HAVING A MICROWAVE RESONATOR
Original languageGerman
IPCB01D46/00 ,B01D46/44 ,G01N22/00
Publication numberWO2019063618A1; DE102017122809B3
Filing date26.09.18
Priority date29.09.17
Priority numberDE102017122809A
Publication statusPublished - 04.04.2019