Digital-gestütztes Üben im Sportunterricht

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In this article, practicing in physical education is described in the context of dig-
itality and analyzed in the concept of educating physical education, with the aim
of showing the added value of subject didactics after classifying the underlying
understanding of practicing. It examines the overarching question of how sub-
ject-specific competencies can be promoted with the help of digitally enhanced
practice processes. The underlying understanding of “practicing” is derived from
the guiding principle of educational physical education. Here, a distinction can be
made between process-oriented and product-oriented practice. From the sports
didactic perspective, repetition as well as negativity as a potential of practicing
play an important role in the staging of practicing processes. Mistakes should
not be avoided, but should be taken up constructively as a learning opportunity.
The research results on digitally enhanced practicing mostly focus on a prod-
uct-oriented respectively functional understanding of practicing, which does
not sufficiently do justice to the pedagogical implications of educational physi-
cal education. Studies show that the use of digital media in physical education
can help improve motor skills and competencies. Teachers are challenged to find
pedagogically and educationally justified ways to use digital media to promote
subject-specific (and supra-subject-specific) competencies of the students, so that
they experience practicing as a meaningful unit. In addition, digitally enhanced
physical education classes should also address the critical use of media products.
Translated title of the contributionDigitally enhanced practice in physical education
Original languageGerman
Title of host publicationDigitales Lehren und Lernen im Fachunterricht : Aktuelle Entwicklungen, Gegenstände und Prozesse
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Publication date21.11.2023
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