New Jobs through ESD Competencies

Project: Transfer (R&D project)

Project participants

  • Malmö Municipality
  • Green Economics Institute
  • ENSI Environment and School Initiatives


New Jobs through ESD Competencies (NJ ESD) is a tri-national project targeting on regional development towards sustainable development in the province of Grosseto, Tuskany/Italy. The objective is to increase and enhance local competencies and resources in order to advance the economic, social, ecologic and cultural development of this region, using the existing potential in a large and comprising transformation process. The Institute for integrative Studies is providing its experience and competencies to this project by bringing in its scientific advice.

The project is working on different levels and operates with three target groups: partners from the public administration, from education and business. In the course of the project several workshops and education initiatives will take place, organized by a local ESD institution – la Finoria. In the course of this project the Institute for integrative Studies will provide its good-practice experiences and support the project with its theoretical and didactical competencies. The initial meeting took of all partners place in March 2011 in Grosseto. Two other competence building meetings until 2011 are intended.
AcronymNJ ESD