Education for sustainable development - is sharing knowledge a key for sustainability transformation?

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Lydia Kater-Wettstädt - Speaker

    If we think of most of our time in school, it was about learning the right things. Howe­ver, what are, in our glo­ba­li­zed world with more in­for­ma­ti­on and know­ledge ac­ces­si­ble than ever be­fo­re, the right things? Sharing know­ledge and com­pe­tence is no­wa­days an is­sue of the in­ter­net, learning with YouTube vi­de­os for ex­amp­le is qui­te wi­de­s­pre­ad prac­tice. What can pro­vi­de school as an al­ter­na­ti­ve? How could learning or “Bil­dung” look like that pre­pa­res young peop­le for so­me­thing that we do not re­al­ly know yet? Du­ring the group work we will have a look on dif­fe­rent per­spec­tives on the­se ques­ti­ons from dif­fe­rent parts of the world.


    Leuphana Opening Week - 2019: Sharing in a globalized world



    Event: Conference