Differentiating forest types using Terrasar-X spotlight images based on factor analysis

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Dalia Farghaly - Speaker

Emad Elba - Coauthor

Brigitte Urban - Coauthor

This study investigated how Factor analyses tool in SPSS statisticalpackage can be used to distinguish between different types of the forests usingTerraSAR-X images in order to detect the changes in distribution and extension ofthe forests. Fuhrberg city is located within a drinking water protection area about30 km north of Hanover.The investigated area is about 3200 hectares including 1400 Hectares offorests. 12 areas were surveyed with a 15 Hectares area stand for 1% of theinvestigated forest area. The major forest types were Deciduous, pine and mixedforests. 14 TerraSAR-X satellite imagery in dual-polarization (HH, VV) were usedto monitor the forests in the period from March 2008 to January 2009. The imageswere processed using lee adaptive filter. The tested areas were isolated from the 14TerraSAR-X Satellite Imagery, and the reflection values were investigated usingthe factor analysis to get the component matrix.The study showed that the values of the component matrix remaininvariable for the pine forests. On the other hand, the deciduous andthe mixedforests remain constant from April to October and decreased from November toJanuary due to the loss of the tree leafs in the autumn season.The study recommended to use the TerraSAR-X to distinguish between theforest to estimate the changes in forest distribution and ensure sustainable forestmanagement.


International Conference for Development and Environment in the Arab world


Assiut, Egypt

Event: Conference