Workforce age trends and projections

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This chapter deals with driving forces of employment-to-population rates of older workers. In order to do so, the comparison particularly analyzes the process of aging in the population as well as in the workforce. The chapter adopts a global perspective and firstly looks at worldwide population developments in past, present, and future, followed by a comparison of trends in ten industrial countries representing three continents, diverse cultural backgrounds and notable differences in the economic and social developments. The third section goes more into depth by focusing on four short case studies that seem to be particularly prototypical for different contexts. As Europe embraces a high variance of cultures of work and welfare state systems, we have selected Germany, Israel, Italy and Sweden to examine the development and the situation of older workers. Each country stands for a specific configuration, e.g. because it may represent a trend reversal, a continuously outstanding performance, or lasting problems. The conclusion summarizes the main findings and gives guidelines for further research in this context.
TitelAge and work : Advances in theory, methods, and practice
HerausgeberHannes Zacher, Cort W. Rudolph
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