Photodegradation, Photocatalytic and Aerobic Biodegradation of Sulfisomidine and Identification of Transformation Products By LC–UV-MS/MS

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Much attention has recently been devoted to the fate and effects of pharmaceuticals in the water cycle. Removal of antibiotics in effluents by photo-treatment or biodegradation is a topic currently under discussion. Degradation and removal efficiencies of sulfisomidine (SUI) by photodegradation and aerobic biodegradability were studied. SUI behavior was monitored during photolysis and photocatalysis (catalyst titanium dioxide) using 150-W medium-pressure Hg lamp. Also an aerobic bacterial degradation test from the OECD series (closed bottle test (CBT, OECD 301 D)) was performed. The primary elimination of SUI was monitored. Structures of photo-degradation products were assessed by chromatographic separation on a C18 column with ultraviolet detection at 270nm and ion trap MS. The results demonstrate that SUI is not readily biodegradable in CBT. Photo catalysis was more is effective than photolysis. SUI underwent photodegradation and several SUI photoproducts were identified. Accordingly, the photodegradation pathway of SUI was postulated. When reaching the aquatic environment, SUI and its photo products can constitute a risk to the environment.

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