Panische züge: Die skandalisierung von gewalt in computerspielen als spielzug in aufmerksamkeitsökonomien

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In this article, I will analyze the narratives that have solidified around the alleged connection between computer games and violence. Even though the relevant disciplines in the field – e.g., Media-and Cultural Studies, Game Studies – have long abandoned this connection, debates in public arenas, media, and education, hold on to the image of games as dangerous. This article will first note the structure of the narrative of games-as-danger to then note the consequence of such narratives: they serve as currency in attention economies, where they can generate success for games, but in the process harm those who play them, especially when they find themselves in structurally disadvantaged positions vulnerable to institutional power.

Titel in ÜbersetzungPanic moves: Scandalizing violence in video games as a strategy in attention economies
ZeitschriftKriminologisches Journal
Seiten (von - bis)274-294
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 2018


  • Attention economy, Earned media, Games, Video games, Violence, Youth
  • Soziologie