Newspapers and the circulation of academic knowledge

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The feuilleton, the art and culture supplement of a newspaper, functions as a traditional medium of social debate and as an interface between science and the public. The culture section of national daily and weekly newspapers can be understood as an interdiscursive place where voices from science are given a platform and included in the public discourse. The chapter deals with the transformation of academic knowledge through the mass media and the processes and interpretations through which academic knowledge is popularised when scientists appear as experts or intellectuals on a public platform. Against this backdrop, mediation procedures in German newspaper feuilletons are presented using the example of an empirical case study on the refugee debate in 2015/16.
TitelRoutledge Handbook of Academic Knowledge Circulation
HerausgeberWiebke Keim, Leandro Rodriguez Medina, Rigas Arvanitis, Natacha Bacolla, Chandni Basu, Stephane Dufoix, Stefan Klein, Mauricio Nieto Olarte, Barbara Riedel, Clara Ruvituso, Gernot Saalmann, Tobias Schlechtriemen, Hebe Vessuri
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VerlagTaylor and Francis Inc.
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