Mental health – backbone of the soul

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Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to serve as an introduction to the theme of this special issue of Health Education on mental health in schools, focusing on work in Germany. Design/methodology/approach – The paper focuses on the conceptual basis of mental health and reflects the meaning of mental health in school settings. The determinants of mental health in young people are mentioned, in particular social inequality. Throughout the paper other authors' contributions to this special issue are mentioned, and shown to have some interesting relationships to one another. Findings – It becomes evident that school can play an important role in the promotion of mental health. What schools can achieve in mental health promotion is then elaborated on with the help of a comprehensive model showing different approaches. Available research evidence shows which interventions are more likely to be successful. Originality/value – Shortcomings of traditional approaches of school mental health promotion are mentioned and a new perspective (the “good, healthy school”) is outlined. © 2009, Emerald Group Publishing Limited
ZeitschriftHealth Education
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 19.06.2009