La conservación de biodiversidad en España: Atención científica, construcción social e interés político

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In this study, we explored the factors underlying species prioritization in biodiversity conservation policies. Specifically, we analyzed: scientific research, public opinion, and endangered species lists, both non-binding (Red Lists) and legal listing (National Catalogue of Endangered Species). Our results shown that there was a strong correlation among conservation priority species, species aimed of research, and species preferred by society. Thus, these factors combine in a positive feedback to create a sort of conservation pitfall trap, in which few species are considered as conservation priorities, relegating those species which have a key role on ecosystems, taxonomic singularity, or with high probability of successful conservation programs. Finally, we identified those "advantage" and "invisible" taxonomic groups regarding conservation policies.

Titel in ÜbersetzungThe biodiversity conservation in Spain: Scientific attention, social construction, and political power
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