iTaukei ways of knowing and managing mangroves for ecosystem-based adaptation

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Global concerns for Pacific Island Countries under a new climate regime and increasing development challenges has prompted many external agencies to intervene with climate change adaptation programs. Despite extensive funding and efforts, many external interventions tend to overlook the importance of Indigenous and local knowledge, and working in partnership with local people to co-produce sustainable and effective adaptation strategies. In many Pacific countries, mangroves deliver ecosystem goods and services that are essential to the livelihoods of local people and can enhance resilience to climate change. This paper explores how iTaukei (Indigenous Fijian) communities have sustainably managed mangrove ecosystems over time, and how this knowledge and experiences can enable future ecosystem-based adaptation options that are more sustainable and effective. Across six rural villages in western Vanua Levu, a series of semi-structured household interviews (n = 41) were undertaken, coupled with participant observation. The findings demonstrate the importance of understanding, respecting and utilising Indigenous knowledge for managing and protecting local ecosystems as part of communities’ response to climate change adaptation.
TitelManaging Climate Change Adaptation in the Pacific Region
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