Integrating sense of place into participatory landscape planning: merging mapping surveys and geodesign workshops

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This article explores the potential of integrating sense of place into participatory landscape planning processes. In an illustrative case study, spatial information on sense of place assessed through a participatory mapping survey from local citizens is integrated into a geodesign workshop at the Lahn river, Germany, with local stakeholders and planning administration representatives. Results show that sense of place information (1) has been considered interesting and relevant for the planning process by the majority of workshop participants, (2) revealed areas in the landscape that participants did not expect to be meaningful, and (3) spurred discussion on the potential meanings of the places and areas. We recommend planners to consider options for eliciting and integrating sense of place in future participatory landscape planning to reveal citizens’ unknown people-place relationships for the use in actual deliberation and negations.
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This work was supported by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) under Grant number 01UU1601A. The PPGIS survey was supported by the Graduate Academy of the University of Hannover under Grant number 60470376 We would like to thank all citizens who took time to respond to the survey, as well as all participants of the workshop. Further, we would like to thank Birgit Böhm from the MenschUmwelt consultancy for professional facilitation of the workshop. We are grateful for the helpful reviewer comments.

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