Freie Pizzawahl für Informatiker und Wirtschaftsinformatiker: Didaktische Herausforderungen für Informatik und Wirtschaftsinformatik angesichts der digitalen Gesellschaft

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Informatics and information management are often seen as the key aspects for leading the way towards the Digital Society. Whereas informatics is often described as the science of fundamentals, the aim of information management is to maximize utility by means of implementing information technology systems. Both disciplineswould benefit froma discussion as to the basic professional occupation of their graduates and the consequent demands on the curriculum. Our view is that they are Change Agents for the socio-technical development of IT-Innovation and IT-transfer. Therefore they require in addition to their professional competence a methodically grounded transdisciplinary knowledge orientation. To this end we will present a catalogue. Both disciplines should increasingly train their vision towards the demands of the Digital Society, which encompasses not only the world of operating systems but also the real world in a context of development and utilization. In the real world, the systematic economic primary motivation frequently plays a minor role. The majority of relevant future questions in the digital society are enacted beyond science or scientific application. However these have a permanently reactive effect on the latter. Reciprocal action and by-products have become a central theme for informatics and information management.

Titel in ÜbersetzungFree pizza selection for computer scientists and business IT specialists: Didactic challenges for computer science and business computer science in the face of the digital society
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