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  1. 2024
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    eHealth Literacy and Web-Based Health Information–Seeking Behaviors on COVID-19 in Japan: Internet-Based Mixed Methods Study

    Mitsutake, S., Oka, K., Okan, O., Dadaczynski, K., Ishizaki, T., Nakayama, T. & Takahashi, Y., 11.07.2024, in: Journal of Medical Internet Research. 26, 1, 27 S., e57842.

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    The Evaluation of the GET.ON Nationwide Web-Only Treatment Service for Depression- and Stress-Related Symptoms: Naturalistic Trial

    Etzelmueller, A., Heber, E., Horvath, H., Radkovsky, A., Lehr, D. & Ebert, D. D., 01.02.2024, in: Journal of Medical Internet Research. 26, 21 S., e42976.

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  4. 2023
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    Comparing Web-Based and Blended Training for Coping With Challenges of Flexible Work Designs: Randomized Controlled Trial

    Althammer, S. E., Wöhrmann, A. M. & Michel, A., 19.12.2023, in: Journal of Medical Internet Research. 25, 1, 20 S., e42510.

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  6. 2022
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    The Efficacy of a Web-Based Stress Management Intervention for Employees Experiencing Adverse Working Conditions and Occupational Self-efficacy as a Mediator: Randomized Controlled Trial

    Nixon, P., Ebert, D. D., Boß, L., Angerer, P., Dragano, N. & Lehr, D., 20.10.2022, in: Journal of Medical Internet Research. 24, 10, 16 S., e40488.

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  8. 2021
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    Effectiveness and Moderators of an Internet-Based Mobile-Supported Stress Management Intervention as a Universal Prevention Approach: Randomized Controlled Trial

    Ebert, D. D., Franke, M., Zarski, A-C., Berking, M., Riper, H., Cuijpers, P., Funk, B. & Lehr, D., 22.12.2021, in: Journal of Medical Internet Research. 23, 12, 19 S., e22107.

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    Quality and Adoption of COVID-19 Tracing Apps and Recommendations for Development: Systematic Interdisciplinary Review of European Apps

    Kahnbach, L., Lehr, D., Brandenburger, J., Mallwitz, T., Jent, S., Hannibal, S., Funk, B. & Janneck, M., 02.06.2021, in: Journal of Medical Internet Research. 23, 6, 18 S., e27989.

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    Guided internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia: Health-economic evaluation from the societal and public health care perspective alongside a randomized controlled trial

    Buntrock, C., Lehr, D., Smit, F., Horvath, H., Berking, M., Spiegelhalder, K., Riper, H. & Ebert, D. D., 24.05.2021, in: Journal of Medical Internet Research. 23, 5, e25609.

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    Evaluating a hybrid web-based training program for panic disorder and agoraphobia: Randomized controlled trial

    Ebenfeld, L., Lehr, D., Ebert, D. D., Stegemann, S. K., Riper, H., Funk, B. & Berking, M., 04.03.2021, in: Journal of Medical Internet Research. 23, 3, 14 S., e20829.

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  13. Erschienen

    Digital Health Literacy and Web-Based Information-Seeking Behaviors of University Students in Germany during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Cross-sectional Survey Study

    Dadaczynski, K., Okan, O., Messer, M., Leung, A. Y. M., Rosário, R., Darlington, E. & Rathmann, K., 15.01.2021, in: Journal of Medical Internet Research. 23, 1, 17 S., 24097.

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  14. 2020
  15. Erschienen

    Developing a Process for the Analysis of User Journeys and the Prediction of Dropout in Digital Health Interventions: Machine Learning Approach

    Bremer, V., Chow, P., Funk, B., Thorndike, F. P. & Ritterband, L. M., 28.10.2020, in: Journal of Medical Internet Research. 22, 10, 20 S., e17738.

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