Evolution, Empowerment, and Emancipation: How Societies Climb the Freedom Ladder

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This article presents a new theory of development that unifies disparate insights into a single framework, focusing on human empowerment-a process that emancipates people from domination. Historically, human empowerment on a mass scale started only recently because civilization matured late where natural conditions bestow an initial utility on freedoms that has been absent elsewhere ( initiation thesis). However, globalization is breaking human empowerment free from its confinement to the initially favorable conditions ( contagion thesis). Together, these and several other theses integrate into Evolutionary Emancipation Theory (EET). After unfolding EET, the article presents evidence in support of its major propositions.

ZeitschriftWorld Development : the multi-disciplinary international journal devoted to the study and promotion of world development
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 12.2014