Ecofemminismo e questione animale. Val Plumwood e l'occhio del coccodrillo

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This paper aims to bring into light the relevance of ecofeminism for animal liberation thought and praxis. The role played by ecofeminism and other feminisms for antispeciesism, both historically and theoretically speaking, is often understated, if not explicitly rejected. In particular, I investigate the thought of the Australian philosopher Val Plumwood, enhancing its potential and drawing a fruitful connection between her perspective and the more mature outcomes of the reflection on the animal question, such as the so-called indistinction approach. To this end, it is promising to focus on Plumwood's theoretical elaboration around the theme of "being prey", developed by the philosopher following the traumatic experience of being almost fatally attacked by a crocodile in 1985.
TitelDella stessa materia di cui sono fatti i sogni e le stelle
HerausgeberEnrico Giannetto
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 2019
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  • Philosophie - ecofeminism, Val Plumwood, Critical animal studies, antispeciesism