Discovering Workscapes: An investigation of collective workspaces

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Due to the development of digital technology and different perspectives on ways of working, workers have adopted a variety of work practices. Space and time are less relevant, as with the right technical devices and digital accessibility, any place could become a working space. Moreover, workers desire more flexibility and freedom in shaping their work, and embedding the latter into their lifestyle. In this chapter, we build upon the notion of “scapes” (Appadurai, 1990, 1996), in order to put forward the term “workscapes.” Focusing on how creative hubs, digital nomads, and hospitality businesses cater to mobile workers and how the latter make use of these workspaces, we believe the term workscapes to be a productive notion through which to explore and question the intersecting practices that shape the new ways of working our research investigates.
TitelCollaborative Spaces at Work: Innovation, Creativity and Relations
HerausgeberFabrizio Montanari, Elisa Mattarelli, Anna Chiara
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ErscheinungsortMilton Park
VerlagRoutledge Publishers
ISBN (Print)978-0-367-35045-1
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