Entrepreneuring as Multispecies Composting

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  • Boukje Cnossen
  • Orla Byrne
  • Paul Lassalle
  • Neil Thompson
  • Karen Verduijn
  • Huriye Yeröz
To take a first step toward envisioning entrepreneuring as the creative organizing of more-than-human relationships, we engage in a modest attempt of speculative fabulation (SF) by picking up on several of the concepts Haraway developed in her latest book (2016), in particular: SF, multispecies living, making kin, response-ability, holobiont, and string figures. Inspired by these concepts, we draw upon Haraway's view of relational world-making and continuous becoming with each other to bring attention to the more-than-human in entrepreneurship and entrepreneuring. In what follows, each co-author produces their own account about, with, and through these concepts, and reflects on the implications of these new stories for how entrepreneuring is understood and studied. At the end of the chapter, we draw our individual accounts together in a string figure that is both a practice and a result of storytelling. In our exercise of telling entrepreneuring differently, we align with recent practices of ‘writing differently’, which challenge the common ways of storytelling (and thus world-making) in academic research.
TitelOrganization Studies and Posthumanism : Towards a More-than-Human World
HerausgeberFrançois-Xavier de Vaujany, Silvia Gherardi, Polyana Silva
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VerlagRoutledge Taylor & Francis Group
ISBN (Print)978-1-032-61424-3, 978-1-032-61715-2
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 05.04.2024