Cascade MIMO P-PID Controllers Applied in an Over-actuated Quadrotor Tilt-Rotor

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  • Murillo Ferreira Dos Santos
  • Leonardo De Mello Honorio
  • Mathaus Ferreira Da Silva
  • William Rodrigues Silva
  • Jose Luis Sousa De Magalhaes Lima
  • Paolo Mercorelli
  • Marlon Jose Do Carmo

To map the Virtual Control Actions (VCAs) into Real Control Actions (RCAs), over-actuated systems typically require nonlinear control allocation methods. On embedded robotic platforms, computational efforts are not always available. With this in mind, this work presents the design of a Quadrotor Tilt-Rotor (QTR) through a new concept of control allocation with uncoupled RCAs, where a nonlinear system is divided into partially dependent and linear subsystems with fast and robust convergence. The RCAs are divided into smaller and linearized sets and solved sequentially. Then, the cascade Multipe-Input-Multipe-Output (MIMO) Proportional (P)-Proportional, Integral and Derivative (PID) controllers tuning were presented with saturation constants and successive loop closure technique, where some open-field environment tests were conducted to validate the respective tuning. In the end, it showed to be reliable, robust, efficient, and applicable when VCAs are overlapped between the subsystems.

TitelProceedings of the 2023 24th International Carpathian Control Conference, ICCC 2023
HerausgeberDaniel Drotos, Rabab Benotsmane, Attila Karoly Varga, Attila Trohak, Jozsef Vasarhelyi
Anzahl der Seiten6
VerlagInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
ISBN (Print)979-8-3503-1023-8
ISBN (elektronisch)979-8-3503-1022-1
PublikationsstatusErschienen - 12.06.2023
Veranstaltung24th International Carpathian Control Conference - Sinaia, Rumänien
Dauer: 12.05.202314.05.2023
Konferenznummer: 24

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