Business model or strategy: What comes first? A lifecycle perspective in the Scandinavian software industry

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  • Jesper Deleuran Friis
  • Rainer Lueg
  • Remmy Mayanja
  • Simon Tind Salling
  • Kasper Aalund Møller Sørensen

There is an ongoing debate on how the concepts of strategy and business models relate to each other. Specifically, it is a puzzle whether business models determine strategies, or whether strategies precede business models (Seddon et al., 2004). Based on recent conceptual considerations (Cavalcante et al., 2011), the authors attempt to solve this puzzle by considering their mutual influence at different stages of the company's business lifecycle. For that, the auhors use Scandinavian Software Company (SSC) as a case study. The initial idea of a business model is shown to shape SSC's strategy in the birth phase. It is then argued that this relationship changed as SSC entered its growth phase and met competition, and the product market strategy determined the change in the business model. The researchers contribute to the currently underexplored dynamic relationship of business models and strategies over the business lifecycle.

ZeitschriftProblems and Perspectives in Management (PPM)
Seiten (von - bis)161-169
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 2015
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