A multi input sliding mode control for Peltier Cells using a cold-hot sliding surface

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This paper deals with an application of the Sliding Mode Control (SMC) in the presence of lumped temperature disturbances in Peltier Cells (PCs). A controller is proposed so that a temperature disturbance reduction is obtained. A constructive Theorem based on a particular sliding mode surface using Lyapunov approach is demonstrated. Specifically, the proven Theorem shows a structural control law which consists of an interacting input law between the two available inputs of current and forced heat convection transfer function (ventilation input). The sliding mode surface is defined in terms of cold and hot state variables, emphasizing a new two sided control approach for PCs. In terms of applications, the localization problems are very important to minimize errors in all cases in which PCs are used. The application approach is targeted on a novel workpiece clamping device, which uses PCs to freeze water on a metallic plate under subzero temperatures. The ice structure is capable of evolving enough bonding strength to clamp workpieces form and force-fitted during machining operations without deforming the piece mechanically. This capability is especially crucial for micro parts as well as for hard to clamp pieces made of brittle or soft materials and irregular shaped complex geometries. The proposed SMC approach shows a robustness against the parametric uncertainties due to the nonlinear model of PCs. Computer simulation results as well as measurements are shown.

ZeitschriftJournal of the Franklin Institute
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 12.2018