Development and characterization of synthesis procedures for thermochemical materials

Projekt: Dissertationsprojekt



In contrast to sensible and latent heat storage systems, economically viable thermochemical energy storage units based on reversible chemical reactions have a number of advantages such as high energy density, loss free long term storage and transportation as well as recovery of heat at relatively low temperature levels. Those systems can not only be driven by waste heat recovered from CHPs but also by low-grade heat sources like solar or geothermal energy. In the last decade several potential thermochemical materials for low temperature applications have been studied with focus on salt hydrates that are available at low cost, non-toxic and non-corrosive. Within the framework of this work existing synthesis methods for two-component thermochemical materials based on the findings of different literature surveys will be developed further and characterized to suit the specific requirements of a compact and sustainable “thermal battery” that can supply single-family or multi-family homes with heat.

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