A review on the use of calcium chloride in applied thermal engineering

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The combination of its hygroscopy, heat of hydration, the low to medium melting points of its hydrates and its low material costs makes calcium chloride and the respective hydrates an attractive substance for various thermal processes. For refrigeration applications, the ammonia sorption is of high significance. The use of calcium chloride in pure or modified form is reviewed from the application point of view. A short analysis of the general physical and chemical properties highlights the advantageous properties. An overview is given about its use in the following applications: phase change material, desiccant, heat pumps and refrigeration and thermal energy storage. The advantages and challenges are discussed as well as approaches for technical improvement.
ZeitschriftApplied Thermal Engineering
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 22.01.2015

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We thank the European Regional Development Fund and the Federal State of Lower Saxony for their financial support of the project “Thermal Battery” in the framework of the Innovation Incubator Lüneburg (application number: CCI N o 2007DE161PR001). N'Tsoukpoe K. E. thanks the Fondation 2iE for its financial support for the Research project CLIMSOL. Rammelberg H. U. also thanks the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung for financial support.

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