A simple process for the decentralized utilization of biogenic residues

Projekt: Forschung


  • Peinemann, Jan (Wissenschaftliche Projektleitung)
  • Pleißner, Daniel (Wissenschaftliche Projektleitung)


This project aims at developing a process for the continuous microbial fermentation of food waste to lactic acid. The latter serves as feedstock for polylactic acid, a biodegradable plastic. The remainder of the fermentation after removal of lactic acid comprises of for instance lipids and phosphorus compounds, all of which will be reused as well. Phosphorus is of particular importance, since it is a limited resource.

Food waste from the university canteen in Lüneburg will be applied as substrate for the lactic acid fermentation. Starting from a batch process, a continuous operating simultaneous and saccharification process will be developed. Once this process is established, it is envisaged to broaden the substrate scope to organic household wastes in general, which also contain lignocellulosic material. The proposed decentralized process contributes to 1) minimizing the transport ways of organic waste, 2) an appropriate treatment and 3) closure of CO2 cycle by production of biodegradable chemicals and materials.