Zina Kallien

  1. 2024
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    Corrosion behavior of multi-layer friction surfaced structure from dissimilar aluminum alloys

    Antunes Duda, E., Kallien, Z., da Silva Soares, S., Hernandez Schneider, T., Ribeiro Piaggio Cardoso, H., Vieira Braga Lemos, G., Falcade, T., Reguly, A. & Klusemann, B., 12.2024, in: Scientific Reports. 14, 10 S., 9882.

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    Application of friction surfacing for solid state additive manufacturing of cylindrical shell structures

    Kallien, Z., Rath, L., Roos, A. & Klusemann, B., 01.02.2024, in: Additive Manufacturing Letters. 8, 8 S., 100184.

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    Data-driven and physics-based modelling of process behaviour and deposit geometry for friction surfacing

    Bock, F. E., Kallien, Z., Huber, N. & Klusemann, B., 01.01.2024, in: Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering. 418, Part A, 26 S., 116453.

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  5. 2023
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    Friction surfacing of aluminum to steel: Influence of different substrate surface topographies

    Roos, A., Metternich, F., Kallien, Z., Baumann, J., Ehrich, J., Kipp, M., Hanke, S., Biermann, D. & Klusemann, B., 01.11.2023, in: Materials and Design. 235, 12 S., 112390.

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    Correlation of Microstructure and Local Mechanical Properties Along Build Direction for Multi-layer Friction Surfacing of Aluminum Alloys

    Kallien, Z., Hoffmann, M., Roos, A. & Klusemann, B., 10.2023, in: JOM: Journal of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society. 75, 10, S. 4212-4222 11 S.

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    Fatigue crack propagation in AA5083 structures additively manufactured via multi-layer friction surfacing

    Kallien, Z., Knothe-Horstmann, C. & Klusemann, B., 01.07.2023, in: Additive Manufacturing Letters. 6, 7 S., 100154.

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    Temperature-dependent mechanical behavior of aluminum AM structures generated via multi-layer friction surfacing

    Kallien, Z., Roos, A., Knothe-Horstmann, C. & Klusemann, B., 26.04.2023, in: Materials Science & Engineering A. 871, 11 S., 144872.

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    Anisotropy and mechanical properties of dissimilar Al additive manufactured structures generated by multi-layer friction surfacing

    Rath, L., Kallien, Z., Roos, A., dos Santos, J. F. & Klusemann, B., 03.2023, in: The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology. 125, 5-6, S. 2091-2102 12 S.

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  11. 2022
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    Experimental Investigation of Efficiency and Deposit Process Temperature During Multi-Layer Friction Surfacing

    Kallien, Z., Roos, A. & Klusemann, B., 22.07.2022, Achievements and Trends in Material Forming: Peer-reviewed extended papers selected from the 25 th International Conference on Material Forming (ESAFORM 2022). Vincze, G. & Barlat, F. (Hrsg.). Baech: Trans Tech Publications Ltd, S. 187-193 7 S. (Key Engineering Materials; Band 926).

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  13. Erschienen

    Fundamental study of multi-track friction surfacing deposits for dissimilar aluminum alloys with application to additive manufacturing

    Soujon, M., Kallien, Z., Roos, A., Zeller-Plumhoff, B. & Klusemann, B., 01.07.2022, in: Materials and Design. 219, 15 S., 110786.

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