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Matthias Berking


Prof. Dr. Matthias Berking

  1. 2014
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    Log in and breathe out: cost-effectiveness of internet-based recreation training for better sleep in stressed employees: results from a randomized controlled trial

    Thiart, H., Nobis, S., Lehr, D., Ebert, D. D., Berking, M. & Riper, H., 2014, Book of proceedings: 11 th Conference of the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology 'Looking at the past - planning for the future: Capitalizing on OHP multidisciplinarity'. Andreou, N. J. A., Jain, A., Hollis, D., Hassard, J. & Teoh, K. (Hrsg.). European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology, S. 125 1 S.

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  4. 2013
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    Internet-based treatment of major depression for patients on a waiting list for inpatient psychotherapy: protocol for a multi-centre randomised controlled trial

    Reins, J. A., Ebert, D. D., Lehr, D., Riper, H., Cuijpers, P. & Berking, M., 26.11.2013, in: BMC Psychiatry. 13, November, 9 S., 318.

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    For Whom Does It Work? Moderators of Outcome on the Effect of a Transdiagnostic Internet-Based Maintenance Treatment After Inpatient Psychotherapy: Randomized Controlled Trial

    Ebert, D. D., Gollwitzer, M., Riper, H., Cuijpers, P., Baumeister, H. & Berking, M., 10.10.2013, in: Journal of Medical Internet Research. 15, 10, 19 S., e191.

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    A meta-analysis of cognitive-behavioural therapy for adult depression, alone and in comparison with other treatments

    Cuijpers, P., Berking, M., Andersson, G., Quigley, L., Kleiboer, A. & Dobson, K. S., 07.2013, in: The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. 58, 7, S. 376-385 10 S.

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    A Transdiagnostic Internet-based Maintenance Treatment Enhances the Stability of Outcome after Inpatient Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: A Randomized Controlled Trial

    Ebert, D., Tarnowski, T., Gollwitzer, M., Sieland, B. & Berking, M., 01.06.2013, in: Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics. 82, 4, S. 246-256 11 S.

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    Internetbasierte kognitiv-behaviorale Behandlungsansätze: state of the art und Einsatzmöglichkeiten in der Rehabilitation

    Lin, J., Ebert, D. D., Lehr, D., Berking, M. & Baumeister, H., 06.2013, in: Die Rehabilitation. 52, 3, S. 155-163 9 S.

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