Vom stadträumlichen Pionier zur Kulturstätte inmitten der Pandemie. Musikclubs als (sozial-)räumliche Akteure urbaner Musikökosysteme

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Music clubs are regarded as important experimental spaces for popular music, as places of informal exchange for local music scenes, and as hubs of scene-based value creation processes of urban pop culture. Their (socio-)spatial strategies and manifestations tend to point toward a culture-oriented self-understanding, as well as toward alternative, lived spaces of local night economies rooted in their location. This article looks at (socio-)spatial exchange processes of music clubs, local music scenes, city and music industries, and explores the urban-spatial and cultural implications associated with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic for these in the context of the urban music ecosystem. Although the economic consequences seem obvious, of particular interest here are the attributions of music clubs to the city, the spatial value of live music and cultural heritage, and the question of the upgrading of clubs and live venues in terms of building and planning law during the lockdown in spring 2021.
Translated title of the contributionFrom urbanistic pioneer to cultural site in the midst of the pandemic. Music clubs as (socio-)spatial players of urban music ecosystmes
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Publication statusPublished - 06.2023

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