Umweltchemikalien 50 Jahre nach Silent Spring: ein ungelöstes Problem

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Rachel Carson, in Silent Spring, pointed out that modern pesticides caused serious toxic effects. Since 1962, the book has had a considerable impact, but in the same period of time, the production of organic chemicals has increased more than tenfold. Humans and wildlife are exposed to a wide range of chemicals including pesticides, but also industrial chemicals such as plastic softeners, flame retardants, impregnating agents, surfactants, colorants, dyestuffs and various chemicals in food packaging. Problematic chemicals are regulated in the EU and worldwide. However, often a ban on a chemical leads to substitution by chemicals with a similar performance, but also similar unwanted properties. The potential of Green Chemistry to reshape the universe of chemical products has not yet been exploited.

Translated title of the contributionEnvironmental chemicals 50 years after Silent Spring: An unresolved problem
Original languageGerman
Issue number3
Pages (from-to)210-216
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Publication statusPublished - 10.2012