Statistik und Freie Berufe im Rahmen einer empirischen Wirtschafts- und Sozialforschung

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In my inaugural lecture I try to describe my research and teaching intention with three complexes of themes: the first complex 'Statistics and Professions', which also is the denomination of my chair, is on the essential characteristics of
Professions (Freie Berufe) and the po ssibilities and limitations of official statistics along the example of the long-term development of Professions and the self-employed in the FRG. New possibilities with own microanalyses and
the support of chambers and organisation of Professions are characterized by first re sults according to existence starting and existence starting impediments out of our surv ey on the actual situation within our new federal states.
Professions and Europe: New questions and analysis potentials close the first circle of interest.
The second complex is on the empirical economic and social sciences and starts with the importance of quantitative and empirically founded research. With an example of microanalytic research, an individual impact analyses of the
recent German Tax Reform 1990, I characterize, according to my understanding, what is central for a empirical economic and social sciences research: problem oriented combined theore tical, data and methodological foundation inclusive the simulation of alternatives - here by combination of microeconomics, microdata, microeconometrics and microsimulation.
The third complex finally is on linking the parts: Statistics and professions within the frame of an empirical economic and social sciences research. Before the background of a pplied statistics in the above sense on the micro and macro
level I introduce my and our ten actual and future research foci and connect them with my teaching offers and my suggestion to establish a new optional subject within our department: 'Empirical Economic and Social Sciences Research'.
Translated title of the contributionStatistics and Liberal Professions within the Frame of an Empirical Economic and Social Science Research
Original languageGerman
Place of PublicationLüneburg
PublisherForschungsinstitut Freie Berufe
Number of pages52
Publication statusPublished - 04.1993