Saídas de mulheres da extrema direita e significados de violência

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In the radical right-wing scene, which is generally regarded as a maledominated interaction space, women are imperfectly perceived as independent actors. The result is a restricted view of realities within right-wing scenes and thus also of violence committed by radical right-wing women. Based on the analysis of biographical case reconstructions, this article expands stereotyped images in respect of female rightwing radicals and discusses the meaning of violence in their entry and exit processes. It
is shown that violent behaviour and attitudes towards violence are shaped by a person’s overall biographical history, and serve different purposes that cannot be explained in terms of gender alone.
Translated title of the contributionWomen of Violence: Female right-wing dropouts and meanings of violence
Original languageSpanish
JournalCivitas - Revista de Ciencias Sociais
Issue number1
Pages (from-to)71-84
Number of pages14
Publication statusPublished - 20.05.2016

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  • Cultural studies - Right-Wing Extremism, Women, Violence, Distancing, Biographical case reconstruction