Promoting Core Practices for inclusive teaching with self and external digital feedback loops

Project: Teaching

Project participants


Abstract: In the planned seminar, the productive reflection process of (teaching) students will be stimulated by means of the integration of learning-promoting self and external feedback loops, and thus the professional competence of the students will be promoted.
Within a digital learning environment, the students receive standardized, adaptive or personalized external feedback and can independently evaluate their professional competence.
The overall goal of the project is to enable students to gain the best possible skills through digital feedback loops by developing and implementing this seminar concept.

Summary: Within the framework of competence-oriented teacher training, it is assumed that student teachers can already develop professional competence during their studies in order to support students in their learning in the best possible way. In our studies Feedback is crucial for the effective development of this competence.
Feedback that is conducive to learning stimulates productive reflection processes, which are characterized by repeatedly going through self and external feedback loops. With self-feedback, your own performance is compared with standards, while external feedback from experts or peers supplements the self-feedback. In the course of the planned seminar, the Deliberate Practice approach will be integrated into the Core Practice approach (McDonald et al., 2013). The core practices of inclusive teaching will first be modeled, then analyzed through teaching videos and finally practiced in video-supported micro-teaching situations. The students should receive standardized, adaptive or personalized external feedback on their video analyzes and micro-teaching videos in a digital learning environment and can independently evaluate their competence development during the seminars using a digital competence tool (digital feedback loops). This is intended to achieve the overall goal of the project, which is the development and implementation of a seminar concept that enables the students to gain the best possible increase in competence through digital feedback loops.