Professorship for Human Resources and Organizational Psychology

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  1. Project: Other

  2. Project: Scientific event

  3. Project: Other

  4. Project: Research

  5. Project: Practical Project

  6. Kongress Quartäre Bildung - Das Runde muss ins Eckige

    Remdisch, S.


    Funded by Stifterverband, Germany

    Project: Scientific event

  7. OPULL - Opening Universities for Lifelong Learning

    Remdisch, S., Yndigegn, C., Kosunen, T., Newbould, D. & Beiten, S.


    Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research


    Project: Research

  8. Modellvorhaben "Offene Hochschule Niedersachsen", Standort Lüneburg

    Remdisch, S.


    Funded by the Ministry of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony

    Project: Research

  9. Volunteering & Lifelong Learning in Universities in Europe

    Remdisch, S., Stewart, C. & Hughes, A.


    Funded within the EU Education Programmes


    Project: Transfer (professional training)

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