The professional identity of gameworkers revisited: A qualitative inquiry on the case study of German professionals

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Jeffrey Wimmer - Speaker

Tatiana Sitnikova - Speaker

    The phenomena of computer games and the plethora of game cultures have already been drawing attention of researchers for many years, whereas the people behind computer games – the gameworkers – undeservingly remained in the shadows until quite recently.
    The lack of information about this workforce and its professional identity makes this research object especially interesting. The analysis relies on a pilot study about the issue of the professional identity of gameworkers, which aimed to dig deeper with the means of qualitative research. During that project nine German gameworkers were interviewed and an attempt to give an indepth description of their professional identity was made. The study shows that the respondents have a very strong coherence with their profession and perceive themselves as a part of their profession and the team/studio they work with/at.
    The most salient reason for this is the deep interest the respondents have in computer games (for both making and playing game).


    International Conference Conference on Games and Play - DiGRA 2011: Think Design Play


    Hilversum, Netherlands

    Event: Conference