Online- and Video-Based Coaching During a Practicum: Effects on Students' Self-Efficacy and Perceived Competence Support

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Kira Elena Weber - Speaker

Christopher Neil Prilop - Coauthor

Marc Kleinknecht - Coauthor

We compared an online- and video-based coaching approach (IG) with a conventional face-to-face coaching supervision (CG) and measured pre-service teachers’ self-efficacy of classroom management before and after their first teaching practicum. Pre-service teachers in the IG reflected on videos of their own classroom management and received online feedback from peers and their university supervisor. Members of the CG reflected immediately after their teaching performance without videos and received face-to-face peer and expert feedback. Results of the pre–post-test showed that pre-service teachers in the IG increased their self-efficacy of classroom management significantly more than CG members. Moreover, pre-service teachers in the IG reported significantly more perceived competence support from their university supervisors than the CG.


Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association - AERA 2019 : Leveraging Education Research in a “Post-Truth” Era: Multimodal Narratives to Democratize Evidence


Toronto, Canada

Event: Conference