Working with Research Integrity—Guidance for Research Performing Organisations: The Bonn PRINTEGER Statement

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  • Ellen-Marie Forsberg
  • Frank O. Anthun
  • Sharon Bailey
  • Giles Birchley
  • Henriette Bout
  • Carlo Casonato
  • Gloria Gonzalez Fuster
  • Bert Heinrichs
  • Serge Horbach
  • Ingrid Skjaeggestad Jacobsen
  • Jacques Janssen
  • Matthias Kaiser
  • Inge Lerouge
  • Barend van der Meulen
  • Sarah de Rijcke
  • Margit Sutrop
  • Marta Tazewell
  • Krista Varantola
  • Knut Jorgen Vie
  • Hub Zwart
  • Mira Zoeller
This document presents the Bonn PRINTEGER Consensus Statement:
Working with Research Integrity—Guidance for research performing organisations.The aim of the statement is to complement existing instruments by focusing specifically on institutional responsibilities for strengthening integrity. It takes into account the daily challenges and organisational contexts of most researchers. The statement intends to make research integrity challenges recognisable from the work-floor perspective, providing concrete advice on organisational measures to strengthen integrity. The statement, which was concluded February 7th 2018, provides guidance on the following key issues:
§ 1. Providing information about research integrity
§ 2. Providing education, training and mentoring
§ 3. Strengthening a research integrity culture
§ 4. Facilitating open dialogue
§ 5. Wise incentive management
§ 6. Implementing quality assurance procedures
§ 7. Improving the work environment and work satisfaction
§ 8. Increasing transparency of misconduct cases
§ 9. Opening up research
§ 10. Implementing safe and effective whistle-blowing channels
§ 11. Protecting the alleged perpetrators
§ 12. Establishing a research integrity committee and appointing an ombudsperson
§ 13. Making explicit the applicable standards for research integrity
ZeitschriftScience and Engineering Ethics
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 08.2018

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