Waste to food: returning nutrients to the food chain

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This book focuses on the search for possibilities of valuable food waste transformation directly to food, by introducing the ‘Waste-to-Food Concept’. It goes beyond conventional technologies of food waste transformation into compost and organic fertilisers (downgrading the value of food waste biomass). It focuses on novel processing technologies and bio-transformation methods to food grade biomass. Food waste biomass of non-food grade quality can be used for high-value components extraction and as a carbon and nitrogen source for specific algae and insect cultivation. The discussed methods are complex and contradictive with multiple legal, socio-economic, environmental and nutritional issues. Therefore, this book thoroughly focuses on analysing these issues, and searching for viable ways to proceed, such as eco-design and application of Artificial Intelligence algorithms as solutions for the complex Waste-to-Food system.
VerlagWageningen Academic Publishers
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 15.02.2022