Verso una socio-logica della riproduzione: eterosessismo e specismo nei complessi sociali capitalistici

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This article is situated at the intersection of critical animal studies and queer studies and more generally in the field of critical theory. Taking as a general background approach an intersectional vision in the broadest sense, we started with some questions: How to give material and social depth to the intersectional perspective? And more specifically: Do gender and species oppressions always occur in the same form in all societies? How do these oppressions articulate with capitalism? In the first part, we discuss some approaches to these problems, in particular: intersectional theory in a narrow sense, ecofeminism and social reproduction feminism. In the second part, we propose a theoretical vision elaborated from some approaches to the critique of Marx's political economy that have been developed mainly in Germany since the 1970s (New Marx Reading) and hybridized with the Foucauldian notion of technology of power. The main objective of this article is to provide a general framework that can be used to understand the specific forms of gender and species oppression in capitalist societies.
TitelI tormenti del potere : Ripensare le identità sessuali tra antispecismo e ambientalismo
HerausgeberMirco Costacurta
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