Raumnutzungskonflikte in der Küstenzone: Informelle Lösungsansätze am Beispiel der naturschutzrechtlichen Kompensation des JadeWeserPorts

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Along the case of environmental compensation of the JadeWeserPort, a deep water harbour under construction, in Wilhelmhaven/Germany this paper aims to detect the conflict resolution potential of informal approaches based on communication and cooperation to solve land use conflicts. In this specific case the compensation planning for JadeWeserPort and two dike enforcement activities caused a land use conflict in relation to the compensation site Langwarder Groden, a grassland area located between dike and overflow dam within the municipality Wesermarsch at the north-western German North Sea coast. Induced by different land use preferences concerning the target area the conflict became manifest in a lawsuit. In reaction to this, the relevant stakeholders decided to try to avoid a legal dispute by establishing an informal working group to solve the emerged conflict in a discursive and cooperative way, a successful decision which resulted in the determination of a compromise. Firstly, this paper will picture the development of the JadeWeserPort focussing the central functional chain causing the analysed conflict. Subsequently, based on qualitative interviews with the relevant actors the specific land use conflict is analysed to identify the specific conditions and processes paving the way for a compromise. The research points out the high importance of combining technical and personal conflict resolution potentials to generate compromise. Moreover it could be proofed that a supportive framework resulting from antecedent social and institutional learning can compensate for a strictly methodology-oriented proceeding.
TitelForschung für ein Integriertes Küstenzonenmanagement : Fallbeispiele Odermündungsregion und Offshore-Windkraft in der Nordsee
HerausgeberAndreas Kannen, Gerald Schernewski, Inga Krämer, Marcus Lange, Holger Janßen, Nardine Strybel
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VerlagEUCC – Die Küsten Union Deutschland e.V.
ISBN (Print)978-3-9811839-7-9
PublikationsstatusErschienen - 2010