Modelling, Simulation and Experimental Analysis of a Metal-Polymer Hybrid Fibre based Microstrip Resonator for High Frequency Characterisation

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Conductive multifilament fibres are the fundamental core for wearable technology in the biomedical engineering fields, as conductors in sensors or in bio-sensing textiles for healthcare. This contribution presents a model, simulation and the experimental analysis of a metal-polymer hybrid fibre based microstrip resonator for high frequency characterisation. The high frequency electromagnetic field simulation (HFSS) by ANSYS® is used for the modelling and finite element based simulation. It follows the design and manufacturing of the metal-polymer hybrid fibre based microstrip resonator for analysis of the scattering parameter measurements and the quality factors to 10 GHz with a vector network analyser (VNA) by Rohde & Schwarz®. Simulations and analysis also compare solid matter wire with the metal-polymer hybrid fibre.
ZeitschriftProcedia Engineering
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 2016

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