Editors’ Conversation with German Art Historians Oona Lochner and Isabel Mehl: Writing Like a Feminist—In Dialogue with Carla Lonzi

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In this conversation, art historians Oona Lochner and Isabel Mehl discuss their afterword to the first German translation of a selection of texts by Carla Lonzi (Carla Lonzi—Selbstbewusstwerdung: Schriften zu Kunst und Feminismus, 2021, Giovanna Zapperi, ed.). Choosing words from Lonzi’s texts that moved them personally, the authors deepen these words’ connections with their own research as both academics and feminists. They explore values of taking care when reading another’s writings, of thinking about the processes by which we create new meanings, and of working in a collaborative, dialogical mode. While making Lonzi’s words their own, the authors assess broader questions of responsibility when writing about her and inserting her into structures she herself opposed as patriarchal.
TitelFemale Cultural Production in Modern Italy : Literature, Art and Intellectual History
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